Listening to music is a past time enjoyed by people all over the world. It is an opportunity to get lost in your self and the notes. Different people feel different things from it and can take what they want from it. This music is the kind that will make you feel relaxed, it could be used in an advert for the latest O 2 Mobile Broadband deals or it could be perfect during a dinner party.

The best thing however has to be that this music has a self healing quality. If you are feeling a little lost in life or that you need a little extra support then this is a great thing to turn to. You will notice that in no time at all you will be feeling fully rounded and content. Please don't hesitate to download this now.

MUSICA / tominaga
Genre : Wakuwaku Self Healing (electronica)

Title Time / File Size
1. Kamakura(REedit) 4:26/8.12Mb
2. TV move 5:20/9.77Mb
3. call 3:57/7.25Mb
4. EUiDear 135bpm remixj 2:44/5.00Mb
5. I hate limes 5:49/10.6Mb
6. small talkiby the radioj 5:27/9.97Mb
7. moi 4:02/7.40Mb
8. mist-remix
(remixed by Saki Yakumo)

Total Download Zip File / 56.5Mb

(ver:1st Feb,.2009)

Jacket Illustration:(C) tominaga